12 Weight loss tips you need to shrink your waistline

1.These weight loss tips will help you if you want to loss weight or burn belly fat faster.You must know your weight before you start any weight loss plan and decide early how much weight you want to lose. You must also set a reasonable achievable goal such as to lose one pound per week or after 2 weeks. Many people set a goal which they cannot achieve and they end up being frustrated. What is your weight loss goal? There are people looking for the fastest ways to lose weight but this may not be the safest weight loss plan. For example a plan to lose 30 pounds in month is not likely to work. Be realistic with your weight loss plan.

2.Do not eat too much food.Control your portion size to create a negative calorie balance everyday.You will not lose weight if you continue to consume to those extra calories.You can achieve this by controlling what you eat as well as doing exercise.Fat burning exercises are your best bet as they increase your basal metabolic rate. Include cardio as well as weight lifting. Keep record of what you eat. This will help you to remain focussed on fat loss. You will need to eat a balanced diet containing complex carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetables, unsaturated fats vitamins and minerals.

3.To achieve weight loss or belly fat loss you will need to determine how many calories you need to lose per day.This is a decision you must make. You cant postpone it because you will continue to add weight instead. If you do not know how many calories you need per day, you can decide how many calories you want to cut down. In fact this is the easiest approach to fat loss. If for example you decrease your food intake so that you eat 500 calories less than what you were taking before, you will lose 7 x 500 = 3500. This will result in a loss of one pound in 7 days. If this is too much you can bring it down to 250 calories per day but you will lose 3500 calories in two weeks or 2 pounds in a month. In a year you will lose 24 pounds. If you give up one can of pop or soda per day and take water instead you have already knocked down about 150 calories. You can lose 100 more calories by reducing your dinner serving.The rest you can burn with fat burning exercises. Make appropriate adjustments as you apply these weight loss tips.

4.If weight loss is your priority do not overindulge in activities which may compromise your intentions such as taking cakes and other junk foods which you have decided will not be in your menu. But remember your overall diet has to remain balanced and exercise is a good thing as it will help you to reserve your muscles.Substitute simple carbohydrates with natural foods containing complex carbohydrates.

5.If you are going to consume carbohydrates include those of low glycemic index in your meal plan such as whole grain wheat, high bran cereals coarse oatmeal, porridge, barley, buckwheat, kidney beans, dry Peas, sweet potato and soybeans among others. The best should have a glycemic index less than 55. These carbs release little glucose when they are consumed and will reduce further accumulation of belly fat.

6.If you have cravings for carbohydrates or sugary foods, take a fruit like an apple. The cravings will eventually die out if you resist them long enough. Avoid foods that are rich in carbs that have high glycemic index such as white bread, pasta, white rice, cakes, doughnuts, soda, all foods with high sucrose and glucose or corn syrup.

7.Of all the weight loss tips, this will affect your weight loss process significantly as its linked to the other activities indirectly. Divide your food intake into 5-6 portions of your meal instead of taking 3 large meals. It will enhance the weight loss

8.Include essential unsaturated fatty acids in your 1. Unsaturated fatt acids are used to make precursors of several hormones that keep you healthy and contribute towards weight loss and weight gain. This is why we have included this fact among the weight loss tips.Some regulatory bodies recommend that up to 30% of your daily calories should come from fat which should be either monounsaturated and or polyunsaturated.You will find them in Safflower oil or in corn oil. They also help to reduce appetite.

9.Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night and drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Your desire for carbonated sodas and coffee will gradually end. This will help you to lose weight and belly fat.This is as important as the other weight loss tips. Do not ignore it.

10. Just like these weight loss tips, not all exercises are the same for everyone. Choose the exercise that is best for you.Remember that you can lose weight by running a distance that suits your health regularly. Similaly choose your diet, to include enough vegetables otherwise you will get constipated. 11. To monitor your progress take weight before you begin your weight loss journey as well as photos before and after weight loss. What gets measured gets evaluated. If you record your weight and diet you will know what to change in order to lose weight. Also check your weight regularly. This will show you how much you have progressed

12.Remember that you can lose weight without pills. You dont require pills to lose weight at all.If you are going to take any pills to help you in your weight loss, your best choice is to take vitamins and supplements.Vitamins may boost your metabolism and and thus increase your weight loss. These will help you to stay healthy.

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