Weight loss exercise

The term weight loss exercise refers to exercising your body in order to lose weight or more appropriately to lose body fat. There are many reasons as to why most people exercise. The most common reasons are: to keep the brain sharp into old age as this helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, together with other diseases which accompany old age, relief of post menstrual syndrome, reduction in the risk of acquired heart disease, strengthening the heart and lungs, lower or control blood pressure, help with weight maintenance and making you feel good about yourself. The list can be quite long.

Are you looking for exercises to lose weight or to burn belly fat or both? Let’s consider why many people need such exercises and what is involved. In order for you to lose weight remove a stubborn belly fat you must create a calorie deficit because the energy you take in or lose is linked to the fat you lose or gain. In order to have a deficit you must use up more calories than you take up in form of food.


It is generally taken that to lose a pound of fat you will need to lose 3500 calories over a period of time. For example if you plan to lose two pounds of fat in a week you will have to divide 2 x 3500 by 7 to obtain 1000 calories per day. You will have to eat 1000 fewer calories per day if you were to lose these calories without exercise. This may be very challenging and may not be safe fat loss as you will experience unpleasant feelings including hunger and a lack of energy. You will have to include weight loss exercise to boost fat loss but it will still be challenging. The best exercises to lose weight or burn belly fat are strength training programs or resistance training programs and aerobic, also called cardio programs. It’s important to realize that each program will have a different effect on your body. Thus these weight loss programs should be evaluated separately to determine the best for your case in promoting weight loss.

The cardio program will ensure a lot of calorie burning immediately while, a resistance training program will burn almost the same amount of energy over a prolonged period including when you are sleeping. The best exercises to lose weight will be a combination of both cardio and strength training. This type of program gives you long term and short term benefits of exercises to lose weight.

We don’t recommend loss of more than 1 pound per week because very rapid weight loss diets are rarely successful on long term. These diets must be combined with weight loss exercise. However you can include exercise in your weight loss plan so that you lose 250 calories per day by cutting down on carbohydrates intake and 250 calories per day through exercise.

If you were to lose weight by only eating fewer calories in your diet, you may lose muscle, water, and fat. You want to avoid losing muscle, as this will make you weak. You will want to conserve or increase the mass of your lean muscle. A simple activity such as regular running for weight loss could also have a long term effect on your body weight and its worth your consideration. If you lose excess fat and increase lean muscle mass you will experience more benefits. The main benefits will be long-term sustainable weights loss experience because muscles burn more calories than stored fat. If you build up muscle, you will be burning the fat even when you are sleeping as mentioned above. Weight loss exercise will help to melt your belly fat as it will cause your basal metabolic state to increase.