Your Choice of Weight loss foods and counting calories to lose weight

Weight loss foods include foods that increase your metabolism or cause you to reduce the calorie content of the foods that you eat. Fruits are among the weight lose foods which we will discuss briefly. Some people think fruits have no calories. You cannot eat as much fruits as you want without considering their caloric content.

Develop the habit of counting calories to lose weight. Check the calorie content of all the fruits you use regularly. You will be surprised by how much calories certain foods have.You have to consider your caloric intake to lose weight even if you intend to eat fruits and vegetables to lose weight.

Even good things like fruits should be eaten in moderation. For example medium size gala apple has approximately 80 calories; a medium size orange has 80 calories while a large size banana has 125 calories. If you eat 3 apples, that’s a whole 240 calories. So if you consume three apples, an orange and one large banana in a day you will obtain approximately 445 calories. This is almost the number of calories in one McDonald’s double cheese burger

If you do not consider fruits to be a source of calories you could add an extra 36 pounds a year by eating an extra 445 calories per day from fruits. A bowl of salad will 3 large bananas and 2 apples will give you 535 calories. If you eat three servings of this magnitude in a day you will have taken in 1605 calories. Considering that bananas are high glycemic index foods the additional weight might be stored around your waist. Certain fruits like water melon, pineapples and avocados are more likely to cause you to gain weight than others because they are calorie dense. These need to be eaten in moderation. Finally eat fruits for good health as well as for fruits for weight loss but in moderation.

Although apples are a good a between meal snack, eat them with caution. Remember one of the most popular quotations of the 13th century was,” An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” One apple a day is enough for good health.

If you really want lose weight use weight lose foods such as fruits and aim to lower your calorie intake by at least 500. You should not lower it by more than 1000. If all you want to lose is just a few pounds you can lower it by 500 per day. Women should never eat less than 1200 calories a day and men for men at least 1800 per day. This recommendation comes from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Your caloric intake to lose weight should be low enough for your body to burn fat. You could do with various types of fruit combinations. You may want to include some vegetables such as tomatoes lettuce and broccoli in your menu. By eating less calories than your body needs it will switch to its fat stores to make up the deficit in your calorie count. For best results use weight loss foods in combination with exercise.