Weight loss may depend on the size of your dinner plate

Weight loss depends on the number of calories you eat and the number of calories you lose. The number of calories you lose will depend on your level of activity and your basal metabolic rate. Most of the people who desire to lose weight also desire to burn belly fat.

It is well known that you will lose weight if you eat less food or do more exercise or both. You will not lose weight if you eat too much food and exercise less. In fact you will add weight. There are certain basic inexpensive things you can do to lose weight. Some of them all they require is your commitment and will.

For example, think about the size of your plate or bowl. Is it too big or small? Most people will tend to have big plates. If the plate is too big you are likely to serve more food than if you used a smaller plate. It’s also important to think of how much food you are going to place on the plate.When you are hungry you will be tempted to place more food on the big plate.This desire undermines your intentions to burn belly fat as you lose weight. Most people do not want to throw away the food on the plate unless they are too full. They will eat all the food on the plate irrespective of the plate size.Such people will never meet their weight loss goal.Think also of your bowl of breakfast cereals and the amount of cereals that you serve.
If you want to cut body fat you must control the quality and the amount of the portion sizes of what you eat by using a smaller plate or bowl.Think also of foods for fat loss such as water, sweet potato, whey protein,berries, essential fatty acids, egg whites,oats, fish and greens such as spinach,kale, and broccoli.Many people will serve far too much food on their plates. You may want to consider serving less food that have high carbohydrate content and include more protein but not too much of it either.These changes can be made easily and immediately. You may want to buy new dinner plates or use your salad bowls to serve dinner.The sizes of the cups and mugs you may be using to serve beverages and other drinks may also be far too big. Remember you will never burn belly fat significantly if you are talking in excess calories. Any excess calories that you take in will cause an increase in weight. For example if you take an excess of 200 calories per day, you will gain 20 pounds per.Similarly if you burn 200 calories a day you will lose about 20 pounds per year. Use mugs or cups with a capacity of up to 250 milliliters to serve drinks except when drinking water.