Choice between weight loss and safe fat loss is yours to decide

Weight loss refers to reduction of total body weight including loss of muscle and water. On the other hand safe fat loss refers to reduction or loss of body fat by either burning more calories than you eat or by limiting the number of calories that enter into the body with all the risks put into consideration. The decision to lose fat this way is often associated with understanding of the risks attributed to being overweight or obese.Safe fat loss does not just involve starvation or excessive exercise.You require a systematic decrease in calories consumed over a period of time. For example eating a fruit or vegetable salad after a meal or drinking soup before a meal could result to safe fat loss. This should be accompanied by reasonable sustainable exercise such as walking 30-60 minutes a day. You might want to consider weight lifting workouts in which you spend most of your time in a gym lifting weights.

We know that the degree of risk for developing health related problems depends on where the excess fat is stored. The best weight loss and fat loss plans must address the body fat that accumulates around your stomach area as it posses a greater risk than the body fat stored in the lower body.You can limit reduce the amount of fat stored around the abdomen by reducing your intake of carbohydrate rich foods. You might want to see the effect of your exercise after a certain period.You should record your weight loss before and after the intervention by exercise and proper diet. Make sure that you have the correct weight for height ratio

Men tend to store fat in the stomach leading to potbelly and apple shape. Women on the other hand tend to have their excess body fat collecting around the thighs, hips and buttocks causing them to develop a pear shape before they reach menopause. People who develop apple shape are likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and sometimes certain types of cancer. Your best weight loss plan will always be the plan that ensures that you have a calorie deficit everyday. What does this all mean. It means you spend more calories that you consume. This can be achieved with low carbohydrate high protein diet.Low carbohydrates will result in decreased synthesis and storage of fat. The proteins will provide some energy but will spare your muscles from being used as souce of energy.Further more the proteins will make you feel full longer. Fat loss for a person who is obese or overweight will occur if they can burn more calories than they take in on regular basis. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to eat food containing fewer calories than is required everyday. But you need to have a greater deficit per day if you are obese and limit the amount of carbs that you eat. If you have a medical condition you should consult your doctor to advise you on safe fat loss.You should strive to have a healthy weight range.

Long-term fat loss and weight control depends on your approach and your personal circumstances. If you are going to succeed in your fat loss and weight control efforts you must consider a long-term commitment. Without this commitment you will lose and regain the weight and fat lost within a short moment. Click here to read more on fat loss The best approach is to start a plan which could evolve into a healthy lifestyle. Unless your plan is long term, your desire to lose fat will be frustrated because you keep on gaining and losing weight. There are several approaches you can incorporate in your fat loss plan. The easiest and least expensive approach is walking . With this plan you will shed off weight including belly fat. If you are really motivated you can lose from 0.5 to 1.0 pounds per week. It all depends on your effort. Walk more and eat less but without starving.

You can also fast to lose weight but this cannot be sustained long term. Beware of rapid weight loss plans as they tend lead to discontentment because the lost weight is also easily regained. Fasting is the total self-denial of food, except water for a defined period of time. Extended fasting are not safe and you may need a doctors adivise. You will lose fat much faster than by walking as mentioned above. You may also regain the weight if you do not master your appetite as you will regain all the fat you lost by overeating.While its important to have safe fat loss in view, you must think of the effectiveness of the exercise as well.

If you are vegetarian you might want to know more about vegetarian fat loss plan. Becoming a vegetarian does not mean that you will not be obese or overweight.Eating alot of foods rich in carbohydrates and fats will cause weight gain irespective of where the foods come from.Even low fat high carbohydrate diet will not boost fat loss. Eating calorie rich foods could lead to weight gain. You will still have to pay attention to what you eat.

You can also lose fat by taking natural products usually referred to as natural weight loss products. There are many considerations you will have to make if this appeals to you. Natural products are not necessarily safe or more effective than synthetic products. You have to evaluate them like any other fat loss product.

There are also prescription pills to cause a decrease in body weight, which have been used to enhance fat loss but they have certain risks. They have more risks than the non-prescription pills used for fat loss. Using these products without medical advise may be dangerous and is discouraged.

Weight loss associated with fasting and stomach detoxification is not recommended without medical supervision. Rapid weight loss can be dangerous. You need to be careful, as some approaches do not lead to healthy lose of body weight.You want a well cordinated process of safe fat loss which requires the advice of a medical professional.

(click here to read more about ways to reduce your body weight ). There is always a price to pay for being overweight or obese. If you seriously want to lose fat, there are easy plans that involves choosing a diet plan that can be adapted to suit your lifestyle.You must be willing to change your lifestyle to benifit from safe fat loss undertakings.But remember there are also huge benifis of fat loss.