Drinking water to lose belly fat

There are many benefits of drinking water because most biochemical reactions that are essential for life occur in an aqueous environment. Slight changes in the amount of this liquid in the body are detected in the brain and this is expressed as thirst. Let us briefly consider how it is distributed in the human body. Babies tend to have more than adults. Before babies are one year old it occupies approximately 78% and by 1 year it is about 65%. For adult men it’s about 60% and for women it’s about 55% of the total body weight.In the very young and the elderly it occupies approximately 50% of the total body weight.

The proportion of water in the fat tissue is 50 % of the total weight of fat.Its proportion in muscles is more than in the fat tissue. It has been estimated to occupy approximately 65-75 % of the muscles.

We would expect a muscular person to have a higher proportion of the liquid in the body than an obese person. Its proportion in the elderly tends to be lower because these people have less muscle and more fat their bodies. The same would be expected for an obese person as well as most females because of their higher fat content.Every pound of fat is associated with 50% the liquid. If you lose 30 pounds of fat such as while dieting, 15 pounds will be liquid but you will also lose some protein if you do not exercise. This is called water weight loss.It is generally recommended for a person of 60-70 kg to drink 2L of per day. Experiments have shown that a person will pass out 1.5 L of urine in a temperate environment. And 0.5 L is lost through sweating and other means.An intake of 2L per day or 8 glasses a day is appropriate in a temperate climate. Slightly more may be required in a warmer weather and less in cold weather. Generally more is lost through sweat in a hot weather than through the urine. In a cold weather less is lost through the skin as sweat as people tend to pass out more urine.This important liquid has several applications. It facilitates the elimination of waste products which would otherwise cause their retention .It has also been used extensively in programs to lose visceral fat because it has zero calories. like food it occupies space but it does not cause weight gain and tends to reduce satiety and thus the amount of food eaten. To lose visceral fat fast it is recommended that you take one glass before and after meal.

Drinking a few glasses in a day discourages the tendency for unnecessary snacking. The more calories you are able to cut down the more you are likely to lose weight and burn belly fat. If you replace coffee soda and cookies with a glass of this liquid you may be able to cut down on 160-300 calories per day. If you could repeat this over one year you may lose 17-30 pounds of visceral fat or belly fat.

Drinking water to lose belly fat has been one of the approaches some people care currently using to lose weight. Although this has been found to work, it has to be carried out with a certain degree of planning. For example if you are one of those people who love frequent snacking, the urge to eat can be reduced by drinking more of the liquid.The water is taken to replace the extra calories that you would consume from a snack. If you carefully plan you will find that drinking does help you lose belly fat as well as your weight if you are obese.

People have asked us recently if drinking water to lose belly fat is really possible. The answer is that its possible but the loss of belly fat is not really attributed to drinking the liquid. You will need to drink the right amount of it as described below to replace unnecessary snacks.

Drinking too much of it the liquid an attempt to lose weight can also be dangerous because of a condition called hyponatraemia. The risk is increased if you are eating very little food or no food such as during prolonged fasting and drinking a lot of water.

The point here is that during fasting every time a person drinks this liquid he or she is diluting salts and other components of the blood without replenishment.

If you continue you may cause excessive dilution of the blood and will create an imbalance of salts in the blood and tissues. This can turn out to be a medical emergency requiring hospitalization. There are reported cases of athletes who died because of taking too much water without an intake of salts. While it will help you to lose weight and burn belly fat it can also cause you harm.

How ever if your sole purpose is lo lose weight or belly fat,do not take more than 2L per day unless if its extremely hot.Reduce your calorie intake by replacing 10% of your daily in take water. This is one of the best ways to lose belly fat. You however will need a lot of discipline and patience. You have to do this every day and it will work.