Walking essentials and their benifits

Walking essentials may be optional if you are going to walk for leisure for just a few minutes or to visit a friend occasionally. However if you are going to walk for fitness or weight loss you will need the walking essentials.

These essentials include
.Walking shoes

.Sun protection cream if you walk in summer



.Ab belt stretch band is optional
.Pedometer is optional but very useful

.Heart rate monitor is optional but very useful


.Hat essential is on sunny days

These walking essentials will help you to walk safely and help to avoid injuries.

Before you start walking or jogging you should find good walking shoes that fit you well. The cheap shoes that are readily available tend to have cheap rubber trends that wear out easily. They also have midsoles that do not provide adequate shock absorption. They also break easily leaving you with no support as you walk.

People quit because they wear inappropriate shoes that cause them to have blisters too often. The right shoe will save you a lot of pain and discomfort in walking or jogging.

When you shop for shoes look for those with good cushioning for your heels and for your toes that fits well. Get a well fitting shoe and replace it when it wears out. The shoe fits if you can move your toes within ½” of space from your foot to tip of the shoe.

The next in importance are socks. The best socks for jogging are made of cotton because they allow breathing of your foot. They are better than polyester socks. Acrylic socks are not as good as cotton socks. They take the moisture off your foot and transfer it to your shoe or to the top of your socks.

If your essential walking shoes are able to breath well, the moisture will escape and your foot and shoe will continue to stay dry. COOLMAX® fabric socks are designed for moisture to move away from your feet enhancing the rate at which the fabric dries, helping you to remain with a good feeling of being cool and dry. Socks made COOLMAX® fabric are designed with extra space between the fibers to take away the sweat and keep you dry.

It has been shown that cotton socks absorb moisture 3 times more than acrylic and 13 times more than COOLMAX® fabric socks. Another advantage of cotton socks is their ability to stretch more than acrylic socks.

To avoid unnecessary pains and blisters associated with mismatched socks and shoes you should choose your socks first and then the shoes. Socks can be quite different and may affect your shoe size.

As for clothing, you should wear light loose clothing such as light-colored T-shirt or a sweat shirt depending on the weather conditions. You may also want to wear loose shorts. You want to wear cloths that allow heat loss and freedom of movements. Carry water in a proper bottle.

Other walking essentials will also include drinking water. You will feel thirsty as you walk. Round bottles are easier to carry on the waistpack. If you buy the water you should buy it in a container that you can actually carry. You should not carry the water on your hands, as this will affect your hands movements. Do not drink water from a stream, river or a lake as it may be contaminated.