12 Best habits to trim belly fat

Did you know that habits can be linked with weight loss?. We will focus on it in this article. There are millions of people all over the world struggling to lose weight. You cannot lose weight that has taken time to accumulate overnight. It took take time to gain weight. It will also take time to lose it. Diets will not fix it that easily. Diet pills will also not fix it permanently.Changing your lifestyle and habits will. Many people do not like change. I don’t like it either but there are times when we have no other options but to change.

I am giving you the principles of weight loss, which I also use. They will help you to achieve permanent weight loss for the rest of your life. They are based on three principles that are the engine of this website which I summarize in our slogan.” Choose wisely what you eat and what you drink but do not be idle; exercise.”

Starting a new habit may be easy but sticking to it is difficult. Sticking to a routine is what makes most people give up and fail to succeed in many areas in life. Do not give up on weight loss. Stay motivated and you will succeed.

1. The best practice to lose weight and belly fat is to combine exercise with sensible amounts of a well balanced diet.

2. Everyone is busy with one task or other, so select an exercise routine that suits your life style. Whatever routine you choose, try to follow it consistently and regularly and eventually make it a habit. Your first objective should be to exercise consistently and sticking to it. Weight loss might be slow but you are on the right path. It is therefore essential that you choose an exercise that suits your life style.

3. You should begin every workout with 5-10 minutes warm up and end with a period of cool down of also 5-10 minutes. This will reduce your risk for injury during exercise.

4. To ensure you have done your best to lose weight and belly fat each day, and are progressing towards your target weight, make a habit to track everything that you do through a journal.

5. You should be able to carry your routines for at least 6 months to have them established as a habit. If you establish an exercise routine, drink and eat sensibly, you will lose weight and you will not regain it. As you probably know there are many people will pay for the gym buy track suits and other gym-wear as well as running shoes and are excited for their first day at the gym but as the days go by the excitement gradually dies out due to competing priorities.

6. To lose weight and belly fat you will need to stay hydrated all the day long by drinking plenty of water. Your body needs water. Water has no calories and it helps you to eliminate toxins from the body and it will generally make you feel healthy and fit. It will also discourage you from eating unnecessarily. The best thing about water is that is has no calories at all. 7. Avoid eating sweets and foods with a lot of sugar as refined sugar contributes towards the accumulation of belly fat. Make it a habit that if you must eat fast foods and processed foods, eat the minimal amounts otherwise avoid them. In addition do not drink sweetened bottled drinks such as sodas as they have refined sugar which could antagonize weight loss. Remember anything you eat with sugar generally mean more calories. 8. You will do well if as a habit you could eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day as they will be your best source of nutrients and can enhance weight loss. There are many types of fruits and vegetables out there. You only need to make a choice but do not forget to include the leafy green vegetables as they are a great source of minerals and other nutrients. Fruit salad is great to reduce monotony. But do not eat more than you need. Exercise restraint and do not eat something simple because you feel like eating it. Eat when you need to eat.

9. Avoid eating fat fried foods frequently as the added fat enhances weight gain and therefore is an enemy for weight loss. Fat means a lot of more calories. You will gain weight if you continue with fat fried foods. Remember all frying involves oil or fat. The food will still have hidden oil or fat even if you try to drain it way. The best you can do is to limit the amount of fried foods that you eat. 10. Eat minimum amount of pork and pork products and related products such as bacon, ham and sausages if you rally must eat them as pork is loaded with fat and will make it difficult for you to lose weight. You will probably lose weight if you eat less pork and pork related products.

11. Some people think they will lose weight if they skip meals. Avoid skipping meals as it will cause you to experience the opposite effect of what you desire. For healthy weight loss you will need to eat modest 4-6 regular meals every day. Divide up the food for the day into 4-6 portions and eat a portion after every 4 hours.

12. Weight loss diets are not good for your health and you will regain whatever weight you had lost once you stop dieting. You cannot survive a crash diet for a long time. Crash diets may help you to lose 20 to 30 pounds but you are unlikely to maintain the new weight without changing your habits or lifestyle.

If you are dieting to lose weight and belly fat so that you can wear an old dress or suit for a certain occasion then go ahead and diet. Diets work for a few people who do not go back to their old habit or habits of eating more than they need. A diet could work for you if you could do what it takes to succeed.