You can lose weight on fast foods if you learn how

Can you really lose weight as you eat fast foods? The answer is you may lose weight provided that you do not consume unreasonable amounts. But what are fast foods?

They can be described as inexpensive foods that are served and prepared quickly. Many people tend to think that they will not lose weight on these foods.Although a fast-food diet alone may not be suitable for good health, there are many individuals and families who depend on this type of diet. No matter what we say about the fast food diet, there are many people who will always eat it. We have to explore how we could help them.It is estimated that about 25 percent of the North American population will eat at least one fast-food meal on any given day.Why do People buy fast-food meals? The most common reasons are saving of cooking time and cleaning up, no cutting of vegetables, baking or frying. These foods are tasty and relatively inexpensive. Lack of enough cooking time and taste are the two most important reasons for buying fast-food meals.Despite the above advantages of fast-food diets it is well known that they lead to easy weight gain when consumed without considering the calorie content of each meal.You should always consider the fast food nutrition before you buy.Some fast foods are heavily loaded with fats. Others are loaded with sugar. Choose foods that donot have too many calories.

For example Burger King© Bacon Double Cheeseburger© has 580 calories. Of these calories 310 comes from fat while the rest come from sugars and other carbohydrates.

On the other hand Burger King© BK Veggie Burger, w/Regular Mayo© has 390 calories with 140 calories from fat.If you want to lose weight you can switch from Burger King© Bacon Double Cheeseburger to Burger King© BK Veggie Burger, w/Regular Mayo©

Many consumers of fast-food diets do not even think about fast-food nutrition as a major reason for their weight gain. You can however lose weight if you use these foods responsibly, taking into account the calories present and the fast-food nutrition of each meal.

There are many adults and kids who are obese due to eating excess calories in fast-food diets. It is estimated that approximately 65 % of American adults are overweight and that 30% of the adult population is obese. Some of them are regular visitors to fast food outlets.

Remember you are counted as obese if your current weight is 30 pounds or more beyond your normal weight.

You will lose weight if you lose more calories than you consume over a fixed period of time. If you consume 500 fewer calories per day, you will lose approximately one pound per week and over 50 in a year.

The most common fast-foods that most people will eat are fries, burgers and fried chicken among others.

You probably know that that a six –inch oven roasted chicken sandwich from Subway has approximately 330 calories. It also has about 5 g of fat.

On the other hand a much smaller Double cheeseburger at McDonald’s has 23 g of fat and about 460 calories. Obviously the roasted chicken sandwich would be better for weight loss than the cheeseburger.

If you really want to lose weight you should choose lower calorie fast-food diets such as chicken sandwich than a cheeseburger which is heavily loaded with fat.

Most of the fat in chicken is under the skin. To lose weight you will need to reduce the amount of fat that you eat. You can achieve this by removing the chicken skin. You can reduce the fat from the chicken by as much as 50% if you remove the skin and all that goes with it such as breading.

Most of the fast foods customers will order fries as a side dish when eating out. The fries come to supplement the burger or a chicken sandwich. The sad thing is that the fries have as many calories as the burger or sandwich. Most often the fries have large proportion of fat inform of trans fats.

If you can’t give up the fries then you should eat them less often. To achieve weight loss with fast foods you will still have to control the calories that you eat.

A beef roasted beef sandwich is good but it should not be loaded with creamy dressing. However the roast beef is generally leaner than a hamburger and is a more preferred fast food.

When eating cheese in the fast-food restaurants you should remember that cheese is nearly pure fat and most the calories in cheese come from fat. If you are ordering a burger with cheese a couple of times a week you will eliminate over 100 calories a week by eliminating the cheese.

Most people may think its economical to get the value meal from McDonald’s or Burger King but the catch is that you will also carry home some excess calories from the burger, soft drinks and fries that may be in excess of 1000 calories. The burgers and the fries will give you a hefty portion of trans fats.

While you will lose weight by eating fast-food diet you will need to also add fruits and, vegetables to your menu. You should not ignore, salads, and whole grains as they play a significant role in fast-food nutrition health. Ensure that you are getting all the important nutrients that you need to stay healthy each day by including some home-cooked meals each week.

You should also remember to cutback on sweetened beverages such as sodas and artificial fruit juices as they contain many empty calories and do not have a positive contribution towards fast food nutrition benifits.

Your weight loss goal will determine the amount and type of fast foods that you eat as shown in the example below:

A sample fast food menu for one day:

Meal Restaurant Food calories grams fat
Breakfast McDonalds bacon egg and cheesee 450 23
Morning snack buy from supermarket one handful of almonds 207 18
Lunch Wendy’s mediteranean chicken salad and fat free dressing 280, 80 12,0
Afternoon snack vending machine a handful of dried fruit and nuts(1.5 oz) 180 8
supper DEL Taco/Taco Bell chicken soft taco and bean’sn cheese cup 210, 260 12,3
Total 1667 76