Find an exercise routine that suits your body type for ultimate fitness

There is no single exercise routine, which fits every person. Each body type has a certain type of physical activity which works best for that body type. What are body types?. There are three body types that will influence your physical activity and the way you lose or gain belly fat. Whatever your age, race, or gender you are one of the following three; that is ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph.

Many people are asking questions such as: What type of exercises suits my body type? or What is the best exercise routine for an endomorph? or What are the best mesomorph workout routines? or What are best exercises for my body type. We will try to deal with these quations below.If you know your body type you can use it as a basis for design of a regular exercise that can help you to be healthier and fit. Your body genetics will affect this type of approach to exercise because you will be inclined to follow one of the three body types or in combination.Most of us will be a combination of 2 or even 3 of these body types. Obviously you can see that some elements of genetics appear to play a significant role when trying to lose belly fat.Are you endormorph, ectomorph or mesomorph? People who are endomorph tend to store fat below their waists, especially on their hips and thighs. They have a tendency to accumulate more belly fat than other people. They have wider hips than their shoulders. Their main characteristic is to add weight easily. They don’t easily lose weight. A few extra calories translate into real weight.

If you a endomorph your best foods should be protein. Instead of eating carbs eat lean proteins and use lean fish and turkey and egg whites. Concentrate on ways that increase your metabolism so that you burn more calories than what you consume.

Your exercise should concentrate on intensive cardiovascular activity.Spend at least thirty three to four days a week. Your routine exercises should include weight training. It should include s several repetitions using moderate weight. In your routine exercises limit the time you spend between each set. Scientific research has demonstrated that people with this body type are more likely to have certain medical conditions such as depression and panic attacks among others.

If you are ectomorph you may have a thin, linear appearance with narrow waists, hips, and shoulders. You can lose weight easily and will not have a lot of body fat. You may even eat much junk food and have no significant weight gain. However it will be hard for you to gain lean muscle. Your regular exercise will need to have less aerobic exercise but more endurance training. You may need a trainer.

Mesomorphs will usually have a trim waist and a strong muscular with wide shoulders. They are able to add on muscle easily. They also lose weight easily. If you have this body type you are the lucky. Anyone with this type of body type and wishes to lose weight has to have an exercise routine. Genetics are in their favour if they include an appropriate exercise routine in their training.

The exercise routine should also include cardiovascular exercise of high intensity and resistance training exercise using moderately heavy weights but with more repetitions. As a mesomorph you should be on guard that you neglect appropriate eating and exercise in the hope that your genetics will always be to your advantage. Include a healthy diet with a proper well-designed exercise routine into your daily schedules.

Find out your body type and choose the best exercise workout that best suits you. Match your exercise workout with your body type.