Ephedra weight loss is not safe

There are many ephedra weight loss products which people buy everyday. These people are not aware of the risks associated ephedra. We will discuss about ephedra briefly. Ephedrine is the active ingredient in these products, and is commonly known as Ma huang or ephedra.It is probably the most popular substance among the fat-burners.

Ephedrine used to be extracted from ephedra plant. This turned out to be very expensive. Now it is synthesised inexpensively from less expensive substances. If you visted a manufacturer you would find large containers of ephedra powder.

Its action has an association with an increase fat release from adipose tissue. This increases the amount of circulating free fatty acids in the bloodstream.

Although commonly used in weight loss or loss of belly fat it has been found that doses of ephedra that can lead to weight loss will also cause some serious side effects.In fact some people have died who were still taking the recommended dosages. Sometimes it is used in combination with caffeine to increase the rate of fat burning.

There are many side effects of ephedra but the most common side effects include tremours, severe headaches, heart arrhythmias, and increased blood pressure especially when in combination with caffeine.

For example one person who appeared healthy died after taking two capsules containing ephedra(10 mg ) and a mug of coffee equivalent to 100 mg of caffeine and jogging for twenty minutes.

In addition during aerobic exercise, another patient suffered a small heart attack and bleeding in the brain after taking one capsule of herbal diet pills three times a day although she had been taking aerobic classes for several years.All the above deaths are associated with ephedra weight loss plans.

After an evaluation of the deaths and the adverse events associated with ephedra the FDA banned the sale of dietary supplements which contain this fat burner. You will often see ephedra or ma huang listed on the labels of herbal weight loss drugs as fat burners. If you intend to take ephedra to increase your exercise capacity or to lose weight or belly fat you place yourself at risk without a substantial likelihood of benefit. You should seriously consider that dietary supplements that contain ephedra pose a serious health risk to some users and you are not exempted.Ephedra weight loss is not safe. There are several ways you can lose weight and belly fat without exposing yourself to serious health risk and you should consider these other options before you decide to take dietary supplements that contain ephedra. Every time you are tempted to take a short cut to lose weight, you should ask yourself its worth the risk.