Burn belly fat as you eat foods that you already know

Certain foods may be more appropriate than others if you want to burn belly fat. We will discuss a few of these foods. Among the foods that burn fat are complex carbohydrates such as oats and whole grain. They are thought to increase metabolism because they keep the insulin levels in the blood down after a meal. Some people would call them best foods for weight loss. Keeping the levels of insulin down could be a good thing because spikes or surges of insulin send a signal that its time to store fat. In order for the body to store fat it must slow down its metabolism. All the foods which are metabolized to produce glucose rapidly such as bagels, cakes, white bread increase insulin and give a signal that its time to store fat. That explains why it’s hard to burn belly fat while you eat a lot of foods with high glycemic index.

Insulin activates a number of metabolic systems which should not be under perpetual metabolic activation. Cholesterol synthesis is one of the systems. Insulin causes an overproduction of cholesterol because it activates the enzymes that make cholesterol. Whole grains and oatmeal are slowly broken down to glucose and cause only slight elevation of glucose unlike muffins, bagels and doughnuts which have high glycemic index and cause a large insulin spike and subsequently cause fat storage. Its difficult to achieve belly fat loss for a person who is takes a lot foods that contain sugar.

Peppers are also among the foods that burn belly fat. Capsaicin which is a chemical found in peppers speeds up the heart rate and could facilitate in belly fat loss. In one clinical study it was found that a single spicy meal could boast metabolism by up to 25%.

Small snacks can also help you to speed up metabolism because if you reduce the number of calories available for the body within a certain period consistently, it slows the metabolic rate temporarily.

Lean beef, pork chicken and turkey also help to speed up metabolism. The more protein you eat the harder your body has to work to digest it. Your body will burn more calories during digestion. People who eat high protein diet burn more calories compared with those eating carbs. A substitution of 20 percent of the carbs in the diet boasted metabolism by increasing the number of calories they burned each day by up to 5%. If you want to burn belly fat you must consider increasing your consumption of protein and decrease your carbohydrates.

Green tea and coffee also speeds up metabolism. You may be able to burn almost 80 calories/day

Eating salmon, tuna and the sardines which are good sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids can also speed up your metabolism which could lead to weight loss as well as belly fat loss .Its not clear how it causes this it has been observed that fish eaters have much lower levels of the substances called leptins than vegetable eaters. leptins appear to increase a persons metabolism. A high level of leptins is a signal that the brain needs to speed up metabolism and decrease appetite. Men who replaced a modest amount of carbohydrates with an equivalent amount of fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids were able to boast metabolism and lose weight (see ref 1).

Weight loss and belly fat loss can be accomplished by regulating what you eat and exercise. You will benefit more if you eat the right foods in combination with a certain amount of exercise.


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