Best food for breakfast and calories to lose weight

Breakfast is essential and it is one meal you should not fail to take or miss when you wake up in the morning.There are different opinions about this meal. The opinions are regarding wether is important or not. Many people will tell you from experience that if you do not eat this meal you are very likely to feel hungry and eat unplanned snacks now and then.People who donot eat early in the morning are more likely to eat excess calories later in the day. If you dont plan your meals, you are planing to fail. You will have no idea of how many calories you consume as you may take high calorie snacks that you did not anticipate. However people who eat a healthy well planned meal can go on until lunchtime without needing to take high calorie snacks.High calorie snacks are precursors for belly fat and visceral fat accumulation. If you are struggling with excess belly fat or obesity, you cannot ignore to plan what you will eat when you wake up in the morning.

This meal deserves careful planning and consideration.What will you eat? What should you eat? Write a menu for each day and buy the ingredients well in advance.This is the begining of a plan on what you regularly eat.Donot buy what you dont want to eat. Have a breakfast food recipe so that your meals are planned well. If your mornings tend to be hectic with so many things to be done within a very short time, you will need to set aside some moments in the night to prepare your morning meal. You may want to make breakfast muffins to spare you time in the morning which you could enjoy with some could even think of an easy breakfast casserole once or twice in a week.

Some people may not think much of a breakfast casserole but you could include nutritious items without making it energy dense.Some complex carbohysrates and protein would make it great.Have a breakfast food recipe as it you will be able to control the calories that cause your belly fat to grow. But as often as is possible decide what you will eat before you sleep so that you are able to incorporate weight loss foods.Make this a habit and you will not regret, but to regularise your sleep hours. If you sleep 7-8 hours you will most likely be hungry when you wake up. To lose weight you need to avoid highly refined foods early in the morning. These are foods with alot of simple sugars.You also want to have lower carbs but more high protein diets. Incorporate some complex carbohydrates, protein and a fruit in your menu.

Most people need a some energy to jump-start their day but as mentioned earlier this should be moderate. Your body needs nourishment to cope with the demands of the morning and the rest of the day but not excess as this could be stored and cause weight gain and belly fat accumulation. This is why you must have a good food recipe. If you are overweight you may be thinking of losing belly fat. Consider low carb breakfast recipes along with proteins and fruit. To lose weight and belly fat some people are now using low carb breakfast. Others are using low carb high protein diet.Low carb breakfast could be used until you reach your optimal weight.

The most important ingredients of your first meal of the day should be proteins such as in fish fillets or eggs, cheese, or cottage cheese, meat, chicken breasts or drumsticks, turkey and other types of lean meats milk or milk products and fruit. These will provide proteins. As mentioned above donot forget to include complex carbohydrates, and a little amount of fat, fiber, some minerals and vitamins. Also drink at least one glass of water before and after the meal.

Your sources for complex carbohydrates should include whole grains or legumes, rolled oats, whole wheat bread, cereals, Pastas, such as macaroni and spaghetti. Whole-grain Breads, starchy vegetables such as potatoes have been used over a long time for the first meal of the day. White bread has a high glycemic index with little complex carbohydrates and should not be used frequently or taken sparingly.

You can also add legumes such as beans peas among others as sources of protein and complex carbohydrates. You may want to spread some butter on your bread. Instead of butter you can add a teaspoon of olive oil to your cereals or legumes. However beans have a lot of carbs and should be taken sparingly if you want to lose belly fat.

You should avoid foods that have high glycemic index in your first meal to start the day. Such foods have a lot of simple carbohydrates and tend to enhance insulin insensitivity and weight gain. Use only those cereals that are not sugarcoated. You may want to eat egg whites if you ate concerned about high cholesterol. It’s a good idea to take vitamins and minerals for good health as most of the foods we eat have minerals deficiency due to cultivation in soils that are depleted of certain minerals. Don’t forget to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your first meal in the morning. Remember that low carbs fruits are beter than the high carb fruits such as water melons.

The amount of food that you take early in the morning regularly will depend on your age and weight. A typical English breakfast has 1 sausage, 1 slice of white toast, 2 rashers of bacon, 1 fried egg, baked beans, mushrooms and 1 grilled tomato. This is a good meal for teenage as it has a lot of energy for a growing person. Its calorie content is approximately 540 and 15.3g saturated fat, 26.2g fat. A sedentary adult who sits in the office would find it inappropriate.

A sedentary person might find it better to take a healthy first meal with approximately 300-400 calories otherwise risks of belly fat and obesity will be increased unless calories in other meals are reduced.