Best foods that you can eat to lose weight

We will consider some of the best foods that you can eat regularly to achieve or maintain good health. They are shown below along with their glycemic indexes.

We consider them as our best foods because they will help you to control your blood glucose, cholesterol and weight. They are apples, 38; pears, 38;broccoli, 10;grape fruit, 25;green pepper, 0;green tea,0;lean turkey,0;low fat yogurt, 14;oatmeal, 58; water,0.


An average apple has 90-120 calories. Its glycemic index is 34 and its glycemic load is 5.

The glycemic load is calculated by multiplying the glycemic index by the carbohydrate load and dividing by 100. Some of the advantages of eating them include no cholesterol, trans or unsaturated fats and very low level of sodium .

It has 10% vitamin C, 12 -22% fibre and 13-24 g sugar, 1% vitamin A, Iron and calcium. However most of its calories come from sugars. This is one reason that we should not eat too many apples.

Foods with a GL of 10 or less are considered low while foods with a GL of 11-19 are considered moderate. You should include them in your list of best foods. Those foods with a GL grater than 20 are considered high. Eating apples and other fruits with low GL will make you feel full longer and therefore more likely to eat less of more energy rich foods.


Broccoli will usually be boiled before it’s eaten. Some people may prefer to steam it while others may prefer to eat it raw. The main advantages of eating broccoli are based on its a low glycemic index of 10 and a lot of fibre. This means broccoli will not cause you to have glucose spikes in your blood and it will keep you feeling full for relatively a long time

Broccoli is one of the best foods and is rich in calcium, vitamin A, folate and vitamin C, which is destroyed on cooking. It also helps you to feel full longer and therefore eat less food.

It has some anti-cancer substances. It also has substances, which will enhance your immune system to enable you to fight viral and bacterial infections as well as anti-cancer activity. There are reports that high intake of broccoli can lower the risk of rapidly spreading prostate cancer.


Low fat yoghurt is also a rich source of calcium. There is increased evidence to suggest that calcium and protein in low-fat dairy products such as low fat yoghurt can facilitate the process of burning fat and thus enhance weight loss. It also appears that low fat yoghurt enhances the loss of belly fat. The scientific reasons for this are not known but it’s known to work.

Lean turkey

Lean Turkey like other high protein animal foods is digested to release amino acids such as leucine, which has been shown to cause, an increase in the body’s metabolic rate. Once your metabolism is boasted you begin to burn calories. Leucine is also essential in biological processes in your body that enhance the growth of muscle. To realize the full benefits of eating lean turkey in weight management you will need to exercise regularly.

Porridge Oats

This has a glycemic index is 58. Some of the benefits of eating oats include lowering cholesterol and enhancing the health of your digestive tract because of their high soluble fiber content.Oats should be included in your list of best foods. When you eat oats you will also get some thiamine and fiber in addition to the soluble fiber.

The soluble fiber has several advantages .It will help you to reduce the levels of your blood cholesterol. Oats will also provide antioxidant that may protect you from a disease called arteriosclerosis a condition which can lead to stroke.

It is also thought that oats may help people who have Type 2 diabetics to keep their blood glucose levels under control.Oats are sold as oat groats, rolled oats, steel oats, steel cut oats, instant oats, instant oats and flattened steel cut oats.

When you hear people talk about oat groats they are referring to the whole seed but without the outer hull. Rolled oats on the other hand are the oats groats that have been rolled into sheets. They are what you will find in the stores selling for breakfast. Steel cut oats refers to the oats that you have cut into pieces.

While oats are rich in soluble fiber they are also rich in carbohydrates. You should therefore not eat them in excess. A 100 g of dry oats when cooked will give you approximately 389 calories. You can adjust the calories you want by increasing or decreasing the amount of oats that you take.